Realty fees

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Activity Fee
Individual private-use repair or new work $57.00
Commercial or multi-user repair or new work at existing site $114.00
Commercial or multi-user new work at new site $285.00
Commercial water lots Fee
Primary annual $160.00
0–15 metres, per metre $1.75
16–30 metres, per metre $2.25
31–45 metres, per metre $3.00
46–60 metres, per metre $3.75
61–75 metres, per metre $4.50
76–90 metres, per metre $5.00
91 metres and up, per metre $5.75
Realty fees Fee
New/renewal/surrender of lease/licence of occupation $106.50
Amending agreement $106.50
Negotiated agreements, up to and including 20 hours $535.25
Negotiated agreements, more than 20 hours $1064.75
Land use permit $106.50
Permit for the supply of water $106.50
New/revised site plan attached to a licence of occupation $106.50
Certified copy of document $16.25
Copy of plan (whiteprint) $16.25
Photocopies, per page $1.25
Letter or any other non-statutory instrument $27.00
Research conducted on behalf of the public, per hour (one hour minimum) $27.00
File or information search, per hour (one hour minimum) $27.00
Any other realty transaction certificate or document $106.50

Contact the Trent-Severn Waterway at for questions about the Fees listed above.

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