Celebrating Diversity at Thunder Bay Pride!

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

By Hafi Sayed

In June, Parks Canada proudly participated in the Thunder Bay Pride Street Fair to celebrate LGBTQ2+ pride, foster connections, and share the spirit of inclusiveness.

Parks Canada was thrilled to take part in the Thunder Bay Pride Street Fair. As an organization committed to celebrating Canada's natural and cultural heritage, Parks Canada understands the importance of supporting and engaging diverse communities, including the LGBTQ2+ community. During the Thunder Bay Pride Street Fair, Parks Canada hosted a welcoming space for attendees to connect, learn, and celebrate. The booth highlighted Parks Canada's commitment to inclusivity and showcased the diverse range of experiences and stories within national protected areas. Further, our booth provided attendees with a forum to ask questions and learn about Parks Canada’s role in Northern Ontario.

Parks Canada organized the exciting Pride Scavenger Hunt; an interactive experience allowing participants to explore the street fair and engage with elements of the event while capturing memorable moments. Participants were encouraged to take selfies with five different elements that symbolized the spirit of pride and community. As appreciation for their participation, individuals who completed the Pride Scavenger Hunt and presented their five pictures at the Parks Canada booth, received a special prize.

Parks Canada extends its gratitude to the event organizers, the Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay, for creating an inclusive and vibrant event that brought together individuals from all walks of life. It is through events like these that communities grow stronger and more connected, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

As an organization, Parks Canada remains committed to celebrating diversity, supporting equal rights, and fostering an inclusive environment in all of Canada's national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas.


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