Want to taste a 200-year-old chocolate?

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

By Noëlline Rioux

A new program was presented at Fort St-Joseph last summer all about chocolate! Not your standard store-bought chocolate, but Heritage Chocolate. Visitors enjoyed a presentation, took part in the preparation of a chocolate treat, and got to taste the fruits of their labour.

Mariette, a Heritage Presenter at the fort, greeted visitors in period costume and then introduced the Heritage Chocolate telling them they were going to make their own chocolate ‘bar’ using toppings of their choice. While melting chocolate for the visitors, Mariette explained how chocolate was imported from England at the time Fort St. Joseph was occupied. Soldiers received chocolate as part of their rations because it was considered a good source of energy. Chocolate also has a connection with the fur trade. During long expeditions, chocolate, which did not spoil, was left in caches for fur traders and exploration parties.

In 2012, Parks Canada partnered with the “Mars” company, makers of a line of Heritage Chocolate which is sold in the fort’s gift shop. The recipe used is from the 1700s and has an exclusive taste as it is a bit spicy.

Nobody should miss the Heritage Chocolate experience, so if you didn’t have a chance to attend the program last year, make your reservation for this summer as the demonstrations fill up very quickly. For more information on this or any other programs at Fort St. Joseph, call 705-941-6205 or email us, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter for all the latest news!

Mars Heritage Chocolate Products © Mars Inc.

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