My story

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

By Parka

Parka with marshmallow stick Parka with marshmallow stick
© Parks Canada

Hi! My name is Parka. I was born in Wood Buffalo National Park, home of the world’s largest beaver dam. One day, a passing gray jay stopped to tell me about the wonders to be found in Parks Canada places all across the country.

He told me of the amazing places he had visited – where mountains meet the sea, where history comes alive, where beaches stretch forever and forests touch the sky. There was so much to see and do in all these marvelous places!

It made me very curious, and I decided I too had to explore each and every one of these fascinating places. So I set off on a mission to visit every national park, national historic site and national marine conservation area in Canada. Maybe I’ll come to one of the heritage sites near you soon.

Look for me skiing, skating or snowshoeing in winter or biking, hiking or canoeing in summer. At night, I like to stargaze or roast marshmallows around the campfire. Don’t be surprised though if I eat the stick and leave the marshmallow for you!

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