Management plan implementation update

Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

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Management plans identify the long-term strategic direction and vision for Parks Canada places. Plans provide a framework for site management, aligning with the Agency’s mandate, vision and strategic outcomes. Management plans are guiding documents for decision-making and planning.

This annual update serves as a progress report to partners, stakeholders, and the public outlining our work in implementing the key strategies from the management plan over the last year. 

2019 - 2020

Key Strategy 1: Infrastructure Improvements - The Foundation for the Future

This strategy is focused on rehabilitating and revitalising infrastructure to conserve the cultural resources and provide new experiences for visitors.

  • Site staff rebuilt windows and doors in the single-story Blacksmith’s Shop, and air conditioning and accessible door features were added to the Stores Building.
  • The interior design was completed for the Stores Building exhibit area and new visitor reception space.
  • New display panels and exhibits moved to the fabrication stage with installation to take place in late 2020.
  • Colourful banners were created for the site entry road and on-site directional signage was updated.

Key Strategy 2: Working Together with First Nations and Métis Partners

The intent of this strategy is to strengthen relationships with First Nations and Métis partners to better tell the entire story of the site.

  • We continued to work with our First Nations and Métis partners on the panel design and text for the new interpretive elements in the Stores Building.
  • We received Stories of Canada and Métis Reconciliation funding for research and production of our new exhibits

Key Strategy 3: The Gathering Place for History and Culture in Sault Ste. Marie

This strategy aims to enhance the experience at the site to increase visitation and create a vibrant community space.

  • We introduced a Summer Tea Series and welcomed over 500 guests at the Residence
  • We completed a new Xplorers booklet with engaging activities for children ages 6-11
  • Our website saw 7,300 new users and engagement with our social media posts increased by 45%!


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