Filming and photography permits

Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

The Parks Canada places in Northern Ontario include Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site, Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site, Pukaskwa National Park, and Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. These sites boast unparalleled film, photographic and recreational possibilities which leave visitors feeling re-energized and inspired to return. To care for these amazing places and ensure visitor experiences are not impacted, filming activities have special considerations.

Submit a filming/photography application, a minimum of 20 business days prior to intended film/photography activities, to the appropriate contact listed below. Applications are assessed against Canada's National Parks Act, national park regulations and the projects' potential contribution to public awareness, appreciation and education of national parks and national historic sites. If approved, a film/photography production agreement is issued.

  • Parks Canada imposes the right to refuse applications that are not in the best interest of the Agency or revoke permission if terms and conditions of the permit are violated.
  • If Parks Canada staff are to be part of the project or interviewed, the scope of discussion / interview questions must be provided.
  • Please make yourself aware of the regulations and fees at each site where you will be filming.
  • Filming/photography agreement must be formalized at least seven (7) days prior to proposed film dates.
  • Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka Drones) in Parks Canada places requires a Transport Canada Special Flight Operations (SFOC) permit along with special permission from the field unit Superintendent. If requesting usage of unmanned aerial vehicles in the park/site, include the following details: Aircraft information (make, model, serial number and province), and name of UAV operator.
What works well for us:
  • Productions involving minimal equipment, crew size and impact on the environment and visitors.
  • Productions contributing to public awareness, appreciation and understanding of Canada’s national parks and Parks Canada.
  • Productions requesting off-season and/or weekday shooting dates.
What won't work:
  • Using equipment, chemicals, or engaging in any activity that may damage the environment.
  • Accessing trails or remote or closed areas with any motorized vehicle.
  • Landing of aircraft or low-level flying.
  • Constructing and employing large sets.
  • Disrupting, harassing, or manipulating wildlife and/or using trained wildlife.
  • Exclusive use of an area, limiting public access or disrupting public enjoyment.
  • Portraying activities that are illegal, damaging to Parks Canada's image or conflict with Parks Canada's messages.

For more information on this process or to request a Film & Photo Project Registration form, please contact PC.RELATIONSEXTERNEUGNO-NOFUEXTERNALRELATIONS.PC@CANADA.CA

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