Métis Voices and Engagement

Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

by Svenja Hansen

Parks Canada and local Métis groups held a workshop at the beginning of March to build positive relationships and identify initiatives to bring authentic Métis voices to Parks Canada sites in northern Ontario.

Parks Canada believes Indigenous people and Indigenous cultural beliefs and practices are important and should be understood by all Canadians. Indigenous people should decide what to share, and have the opportunity to tell their stories in ways they feel are most appropriate. Parks Canada is able to provide a place at its heritage protected areas for Métis and First Nations people to share their stories with Canadians from all backgrounds and with visitors from around the world.

Over the coming year, Parks Canada anticipates hosting a series of workshops to bring together representatives from Parks Canada and Métis organizations in the region to strengthen relationships and identify potential initiatives which recognize and share Métis culture and history.

This initial gathering had an atmosphere of respect, open-mindedness, and collaboration. Participants felt comfortable to communicate and share ideas, to work together and be creative. The workshop was made possible through internal funding Parks Canada received for Métis reconciliation.

We trust this gathering laid the foundations to lasting relationships and future collaborations.

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