By Stéphane Comeault

A Heritage Presenter at the Information Station
A Heritage Presenter at the Information Station © Parks Canada

A Heritage Presenter Giving an Airbrush Tattoo A Heritage Presenter Giving an Airbrush Tattoo © Parks Canada

In July 2015, the staff of the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site unveiled their new Information Station. This mobile, informative hub is brightly coloured to attract visitor's attention and always staffed by Parks Canada team members ready to greet, welcome, and orient site visitors along the north side of the canal.

Although the Information Station is geared to making contact with visitors, it is also used to run site programming such as the new Milkweed and Monarchs program as well as national programs such as Xplorers and Club Parka. Parks Canada team members also use the Information Station to give free airbrush tattoos to site visitors on Tattoo Tuesdays, provide children with sidewalk chalk to display their creative inner-artists, and answer any questions visitors might have with regard to the many treasures the Sault Canal has to offer. The Information Station was a hit on Canada Day 2015 as people flocked from all around to get their free Parks Canada airbrush tattoos.

For the 2016 operating season, the Sault Canal staff hope to further expand the services available at the Information Station. The staff would like to have the Information Station available on a daily basis during the months of July and August and hope to have even more programming originate from this central hub as well as display some of the official merchandise available for purchase in the gift shop, offer site-specific geocaching opportunities including GPS unit rentals and more. Come introduce yourself, meet Parka the mascot, get a tattoo, and stay updated on all upcoming Sault Ste. Marie Canal events!

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