Stewardship and management

Fort Malden National Historic Site

One of the most important strategic locations of the War of 1812, Fort Malden, in Amherstburg, Ontario witnessed the meeting between Major General Sir Isaac Brock and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. See where they joined forces, choosing Fort Malden as their base of operations for the attack on Fort Detroit. Listen as Parks Canada heritage interpreters tell the story of the British troops who later destroyed their fort to prevent it from falling into American hands after a retreat to Burlington. Learn how American forces then occupied the ruins of the fort until 1815 – the longest period of American occupation on Canadian soil. Fort Malden was once an army garrison and British Indian Department post. Experience all it has to offer by taking a guided tour, learning to fire a musket, mortar or cannon, and digging into an 1812-style lunch in the Soldier’s Cookhouse.

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Management plan

The site management plan is a strategic long-term guide for future management of Fort Malden National Historic Site.

Film and photography permits

A permit is required for commercial film, video, or wedding photography at Fort Malden.


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