Stewardship and management

Fort George National Historic Site

On the grassy shores of the Niagara River, just 22 kilometres from Niagara Falls, Fort George is a glimpse into one of the most important chapters of Canadian history. Attacked and destroyed by American soldiers during the War of 1812, the sprawling complex has been faithfully reconstructed, with rebuilt officers’ quarters, barracks and other buildings joining an original 1796 stone powder magazine that survived the Battle of Fort George.

Behind the fort’s earthen walls and wooden palisades, the distant past comes alive. Interpreters in authentic dress offer insights into life 200 years ago. The sounds of period music, performed by the 41st Fife and Drum Corps, echo through the air. Meanwhile, live musketry and artillery fire complete the vivid historical scene.

A piece of living history at the mouth of the Niagara River, Fort George offers a vivid reminder of a time when Canada’s very existence hung in the balance.


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Film and photography

A commercial permit is required for film, video, or wedding photography at Fort George National Historic Site.

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Management plan

The management plan is a strategic long-term guide for future management of the Niagara National Historic Sites.


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