Map of Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site


This map shows the locations of exhibits and attractions and facilities and services like washrooms, First Aid, and the gift shop.

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Map of Halifax Citadel


Facilities and services

entrance and exit Entrance/Exit

restrooms Washrooms

elevator Elevator to ramparts

parking Parking

accessible parking Accessible parking

first aid First aid and security

WiFi Wi-Fi hotspot

In the Cavalier Building

Gift Shop Regimental Shop

Coffee Bar Coffee Bar and Soldiers' Library

Elevator Cavalier building elevator

Exhibits and attractions

Cavalier Building

1. Information Centre

2. The Army Museum

3. A Harbour Worth Defending

4. Barracks

The grounds

The fort has three levels:

  • Dry ditch level
  • Parade Square level (ground level)
  • Ramparts level

5. North Viewing Platform

6. Warden of the North

7. Seven-inch Rifled Guns

8. Guard Room & Main Gate

9. Engineer Store

10. Orderly Room

11. Tailor Shop

12. Noon Gun

13. Sally Port No. 1 (Entry/Exit to Dry Ditch)

14. Musketry Gallery

15. South Ravelin

16. Sally Port No. 2 (Entry/Exit to Dry Ditch)

17. Shaping the Hill

18. Signal Post

19. South Viewing Platform

20. Expense Magazine

21. Defence Casemates and Garrison Cells

22. 32-pounder Gun Battery

23. South Magazine

24. School Room

25. Fortress Halifax: A City Shaped by Conflict (New Exhibit)

26. Storm the Beach D-Day Exhibit

27. Path to Garrison Grounds and additional parking

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