UNESCO World Heritage Site

Grand-Pré National Historic Site

From the View Park, on Old Post Road, you gaze over the 1,300-hectares of farm-fields, marshes and dykelands that comprise the Landscape of Grand-Pré. Discover the deep human story within this land.

A vast panorama gives life to the efforts of industrious Acadians, who, in the 1680s, overcame geographic challenges and the world’s highest tides to foster thriving settlements. Their ingenious system of dykes remained a technological zenith for hundreds of years—expanded and maintained by English, Scottish and Dutch settlers until the mid-20th century—and combined with a tumultuous regional history, led to the area’s designation as Canada’s 16th UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also rich in Mi’kmaw tradition, dramatic Cape Blomidon—which frames the dykelands—is said to harbour the spirit of the mythical watchman Kluscap, another facet of this culturally and naturally diverse landscape.

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