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Fort Edward National Historic Site

Archaeological excavations over the years and a rare example of 18th century military architecture make Fort Edward a prime place to connect key historical events that shaped the destinies of the countless individuals who lived in the region. Constructed in 1750 during a time when Nova Scotia was populated predominantly by the French and Mi’kmaq, the fort served as a British garrison and a prison for the deportation of Acadians.

Today, only the blockhouse remains. As one of the oldest buildings in Nova Scotia and the oldest example of this type of fortification in North America, this squared-timbered building offers a unique opportunity to delve into one of the most important periods of Canadian history.

A ten-minute walk down adjacent King Street leads to the West Hants Historical Society's museum where you can see artifacts such as military buttons and cannon balls that have been excavated at Fort Edward. The museum also contains a wide variety of exhibits that illustrate the life of this historic community.

Please visit the links below for a look at the architectural details of Blockhouses. Another good source for information on Fort Edward is the West Hants Historical Society.


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