Port au Choix National Historic Site

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt – a new sport that is growing in popularity with people of all ages. Given the latitudinal and longitudinal co-ordinates, participants use their GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to locate the hidden “cache,” a small box with a punch to record their visit on the program card.

Due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Exploring Our Ancient Home Geocaching Challenge is being offered in an alternative way. Please see below for more information.

The Exploring Our Ancient Home Geocache Challenge

In respecting safe practices during the Covid-19 pandemic, do not look for a physical cache; cachers must prove that they have visited each cache by taking a picture of themselves at the cache location. Your entry pass must be visible in the photograph.

To participate, here's what you need to do:

  • Join, the global GPS caching website.
  • Use either a GPS or Smartphone to download the geocaching app.
  • Obtain all the co-ordinates for the geocaches from
  • You must have a valid day entry for the site.
  • Use your device to find the caches. Do not look for a physical cache, just take your picture with your entry permit visible at the cache location and include it with your log.

Keep checking back as our facilities re-open during our resumption process at which point we can again offer the purchase of a trackable geocoin upon completion of all caches in the challenge.

For more information:

  • Parks Canada Visitor Activity Guidelines


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