Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

With breathtaking views that stretch as far as the eye can see, Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site is an ideal location for photography.

No matter the season, the time of day or your skill level, just about any location at the site offers fantastic opportunities for the photo enthusiast.

Photography tips

  • The site can get very windy. Make sure to bring a good, sturdy tripod.
  • Shoot early or late in the day. The site looks best at twilight or during the golden hour!
  • Plan ahead! Check the weather forecast and come to the site when the conditions are optimal for your photography.
  • Take your time and be patient! Sometimes, it pays off to wait for the right moment.
  • Come prepared! Charge your batteries and bring extra memory cards. For safety, bring a flashlight if you plan on photographing at night.


Photographers who visit the site in search of good photo opportunities have a special responsibility to its heritage assets, its wildlife and fellow visitors. Be a good park steward.

Please treat the landscape and its inhabitants with respect. If you see wildlife, shoot from a distance and do not disturb it.

No Drone Zone

The usage of drones in Parks Canada locations is restricted. All Parks Canada places are ”no drone zones” for recreational use. If you do not possess a permit or special permission to fly your drone in a Parks Canada place, please leave your drone at home. Learn more about our drone usage rules.

Commercial film and photography permits

Commercial filming activities have special considerations. All commercial activity is subject to business licensing and permits. Contact us for details on whether your activity requires a permit.

Share your photos!

Post your photos to Instagram using the hashtags #FortBeausejour and #ParksCanada, and tag @Parks.Canada for a chance to be featured.

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