Polar Bear Alert Program

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PDF document: Safety in polar bear country (PDF, 330 KB)

The priorities of the Polar Bear Alert (PBA) Program are to protect people, polar bears and property in the Churchill area.

The program works because the citizens of Churchill and the visitors call the Polar Bear Alert Line (204-675-2327) when they see a polar bear in or near the Town of Churchill.

Polar bears that approach the core Churchill area are chased out of town by Polar Bear Alert staff. The staff uses what is known as aversive conditioning, with loud noisemakers and occasionally paint balls or rubber bullets to ensure that the bears continue to be wary of humans and attractants in town.

Polar bears that refuse to stay away from town are captured and placed in the Polar Bear Holding Facility. After a period of time they are either relocated by helicopter, or released directly onto Hudson Bay once the ice has formed. This helps prevent the bears from learning behaviour that makes them a problem bear in the future.

Stay away from wildlife officers who are actively managing a bear in the control area. If you hear cracker shells it means a bear is being hazed or moved from town, and you should look for immediate safety. Please do not distract Polar Bear Alert or Parks Canada staff while they are engaged with a bear.

Report all polar bear sightings to the Polar Bear Alert, as soon as possible.
204-675-BEAR (2327)

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For more information:

Location: Parks Canada
Box 127
Churchill, MB R0B 0E0
Phone number: 204-675-8863
Email address: manitoba@pc.gc.ca

Location: Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
Box 70
Churchill, MB R0B 0E0
Phone number: 204-675-8897
Email address: mgi@gov.mb.ca
Website: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fish-wildlife/polar_bears/index.html 

Location: Town of Churchill
Box 459
Churchill, MB R0B 0E0
Phone number: 204-675-8871
Email address: townofchurchill@churchill.ca

Location: Chamber of Commerce
Box 271
Churchill, MB R0B 0E0
Phone number: 204-675-2022
Email address: churchillchamber@mts.net

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