Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

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Imagine your guests gathered in front of the historic Stud Horse Barn awaiting the entrance of the Bridal Party as they ride in on a Percheron Horse Drawn Wagon, you exchange your vows and the ceremony is complete! Capture the day in wedding photos set against a variety of beautifully-textured backdrops.

Your guests have time to tour the ranch, visit with heritage interpreters, or discover a quiet place of their own. The Visitor Centre is set for the reception, as you and your guests return to share good food and an evening of celebration nestled below the majestic Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta.

Please inquire directly for food and beverage requirements.

All events are subject to COVID-19 protocols as set by Alberta Health Services.

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A perfect backdrop for a perfect day. The splendor of the Alberta foothills is complete with vintage horse drawn carriages and historic buildings.

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