Research and collection

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Restricted Activity Requiring a Research and Collection Permit

Pursuant to subsection 4(2) of the Federal Real Property Regulations, all natural, archaeological or social science research is hereby designated as a restricted activity in Bar U Ranch National Historic Site of Canada. No person shall conduct research activity in any area of the national historic site otherwise than in accordance with a permit issued for that purpose by the Superintendent.

Any person who wishes to engage in research activity shall obtain a Research and Collection Permit from the Superintendent and shall comply with all terms and conditions prescribed in the permit. Applications shall be sent online through the following website:

Research is an active, diligent, and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret or revise facts, events, behaviours, or theories, or to make practical applications with the help of such facts, laws, or theories. The term research is also used to describe a collection of information about a particular subject. For the purpose of this Public Notice, the word "research" includes both invasive and non-invasive research, experimental development, and related scientific activities.

Archaeological Research: means excavations, surveys, or inventories conducted where tangible evidence or potential tangible evidence of past human activities is located. Archaeological Research also includes the collection of Archaeological Objects, and any intrusive and nonintrusive activities conducted at an Archaeological Site, feature or structure.

Natural Science Research: systematic process of gathering and analysing information and data directed toward more complete scientific knowledge or understanding of the subject studied using valid and reliable techniques that allow conclusions to be made in relation to the behaviour and relationships within components of the natural environment including historical and present human impacts on the environment.

Social Science Research: systematic information collection and analysis of activities in relation to human behaviour, values, attitudes of members of the public and representatives of business or non-government organizations on matters relating to Heritage Area operations, development, management or policy; or social and economic costs, benefits and impacts of the development and operation of Heritage Areas.

This designation will be effective until further notice.

For further information, please contact Adam Collingwood:

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