3.1 Concept of Protection and Presentation

The concept of protection and presentation of the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site of Canada and the resulting management directions were determined in accordance with heritage-area planning principles adopted by Parks Canada.

Essentially, protection and presentation are based on the commemorative intent that has been defined for the site, thus linking the resources that characterize its national historic significance and the messages that convey that significance.

The concept advocates that presentation of the site be achieved through the overall visitor experience and be based on the main features that give the site its identity. That is why the concept adopted emphasizes the idea of “the spirit of the site”, i.e. the feeling of grandeur and the period ambiance that the site evokes even to this day, together with the ever-felt presence of its designer, Louis-Joseph Papineau, whose life is commemorated here.

This place, away from the public eye, its buildings preserving the history of the Papineau family, has many stories to tell. The site is imbued with memories of Louis-Joseph Papineau – seigneur-builder, family man, “leader of the colony” and man of great culture. It reveals his tastes and his projects and still bears the mark of his ambitions and desire to found a true seigneurial dynasty.

The commemorative intent of the site has, from the beginning, placed Louis-Joseph Papineau at the heart of the presentation project.

Furthermore, presentation of the Papineau estate will revive a traditional regional tourist activity and thus contribute to reaffirming the vocation of the La Petite-Nation region as a true tourist destination.

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