Lower Brewers Lockstation

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At Lower Brewers, a powerhouse was built
At Lower Brewers, a powerhouse was built on the river channel that rejoins the canal below the lock.
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179,3 km – 179,4 km

Lower Brewers Lockstation is located at the south end of a widening of the Cataraqui River, which forms a small, shallow lake. The lock was built on the east bank of the river in a short excavated channel that created a small island. The original river channel is a short distance to the west of the island. An earthen dam crosses the river from the island running to the west, creating the shallow slackwater section to Upper Brewers.

Cultural Resources

One lock – A manually operated lock with a 4-m lift, reconstructed in 1972 in the original location.

Defensible lockmaster’s house – A one-storey stone building, 1842, with a frame second storey added in 1900. CRM1.

Swing bridge – An authentic replacement of a timber king post swing bridge.

The lock at Lower Brewers Mills
The lock at Lower Brewers Mills with the lower gates open to receive vessels moving upstream on the Cataraqui River.
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View from below the lock
View from below the lock, with the defensible lockmaster’s house in the background.
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Lower Brewers Lockstation to Kingston Mills Lockstation

River Styx
A line of boats navigating the ‘River Styx’, a shallow winding section of channel.
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179,4 km – 195,0 km

This 15,6-km slackwater section resulted from the construction of the stone arch dam and earthen dams at Kingston Mills Lockstation. Broad and shallow, it is known as the ‘River Styx’. It eventually widens and forms Colonel By Lake. This slackwater section is full of stumps from trees that were cut at the time of the construction of the canal. Navigation in this slackwater section, now, as in 1832, is confined to the original line of the Cataraqui River where there is sufficient water depth.

In this section the canal is shallow and mud-bottomed
In this section the canal is shallow and mud-bottomed, supporting extensive wetlands.
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