Newboro Lockstation

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(The Isthmus)

The Newboro lock
The Newboro lock is located at the southern end of the Newboro channel and provides entry into the Cataraqui watershed.
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139,3 km – 140,9 km

Newboro Lockstation is located at the south end of a narrow isthmus that separates Upper Rideau Lake and Newboro Lake. A 1,5-km channel was excavated through the isthmus to join the lakes, and a lock was located at its southern entrance.




The operation of the Newboro lock was electrified in 1966
The operation of the Newboro lock was electrified in 1966, although the lock retains its original stone sloping walls.
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Newboro Lockstation to Chaffeys Lockstation

A series of continuous lakes
In this section, the canal passes through a series of continuous lakes that were flooded by the dam at Chaffeys Lockstation.
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140,9 km – 148,7 km

After Newboro Lockstation, the main navigation channel of the canal passes through six small slackwater lakes, including Newboro and Indian lakes, that were enlarged by the construction of a dam at Chaffeys Lockstation.


The downstream exit
The downstream exit from the excavated channel between Upper Rideau Lake and Newboro Lake.
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