Beveridges Lockstation, Tay Canal

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Tay Canal
For most of its length, the Tay Canal is a slackwater watercourse. The two locks of the Tay Canal were built on an excavated channel.
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At 110,7 km on the Rideau Canal Beveridges Lockstation, located on the north shore of Lower Rideau Lake, 2 km east of Rideau Ferry, is the entrance to the Tay Canal. The canal runs north to the town of Perth (population 6 000). The lockstation includes a 2-km excavated channel that connects Beveridges Bay, on Lower Rideau Lake, to the Tay River. The two locks are 500 m apart. There is an earth embankment dam and weir across the Tay River, near the northern end of the excavated channel. This creates a slackwater section navigable to Perth, a distance of 9,8 km.

Cultural Resources

Two locks – Two manually operated locks with a combined lift of 7,7 m, separated by a 500-m excavated channel. They were built with the same dimensions, material and operating mechanisms as the original Rideau Canal locks, 1887. CRM2.

Earth embankment dam – A dam with a clay puddle core, 500 m long, 1887. CRM2.

Lockmaster’s house – A large frame two-storey house, 1883. CRM2.

Upper Beveridges Lockstation Office
Upper Beveridges Lockstation Office. It is similar to Rideau Canal buildings of the same period.
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