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Two locks placed at the end of an excavated channel
Because a series of locks was required to overcome the falls and rapids at Smiths Falls, the canal starts its ascent at Old Slys, through two locks placed at the end of an excavated channel.
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95,0 km – 95,4 km

Old Slys Lockstation is located on the north side of the Rideau River, with the locks at the western end of a 400-m excavated channel. A stone arch dam across the river creates a slackwater section between Old Slys and Smiths Falls Combined Lockstation. A water control weir is located at the south end of the dam.



Cultural Resources

Two locks – Two manually operated locks in flight with a combined lift of 5 m, 1830. CRM1.

Stone arch dam – A stone arch dam, 61 m long and 6,4 m high, 1830. CRM1.

Defensible lockmaster’s house – A one-storey stone structure, 1838. CRM1.

The two locks at Old Slys
A view of the two locks at Old Slys with a high-level railway bridge in the background.
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The defensible lockmaster's house
The defensible lockmaster’s house has been conserved in its original 1838 form. Many others had a second storey added.
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Old Slys Lockstation to Smiths Falls Combined Lockstation

95,4 km – 96,6 km

Known as the ‘Smiths Falls Lower Reach’, this 1,2-km slackwater section of the canal was created by construction of the stone arch dam at Old Slys.

‘Smiths Falls Lower Reach'
The slackwater section above Old Slys is known as ‘Smiths Falls Lower Reach’.
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The wild nature of the river
Despite the construction of many dams in Smiths Falls, the wild nature of the river is still evident.
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