Kilmarnock Lockstation

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Kilmarnock Lockstation
At Kilmarnock Lockstation, the lock is set along a short excavated channel. The dam at Kilmarnock created a large slackwater section stretching to Edmonds Lockstation.
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86,7 km – 87,1 km

This lockstation is situated in the middle of large wetlands created by the construction of the dam at Merrickville. The lock is located in a 400-m excavated channel on the south bank of the river.
A 300-m earth embankment dam, built to maintain the water levels on the reach to Edmonds Lockstation, spans the river, with a water control weir located at its northern end.

Cultural Resources

One lock – A manually operated lock with a lift of 0,6 m, 1830. CRM1.

Earth embankment dam – A dam, 300 m long, 1830. CRM 1.

Defensible lockmaster’s house – A one-storey stone building, 1841, with a second-storey stone addition, 1889.CRM1.

Swing bridge – An authentic replacement timber king post swing bridge.

A king post swing bridge
A king post swing bridge spans the lock and carries a county road across the canal excavation.
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Kilmarnock Lockstation to Edmonds Lockstation

The slackwater section from Kilmarnock to Edmonds begins with a lake-like area of open water through which passes the narrow, winding navigation channel.
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87,1 km – 92,7 km

This is a 5,6-km slackwater section of varying width, created by the construction of the dam at Kilmarnock Lockstation. This section has extensive wetlands along its length.





Extensive wetlands
Extensive wetlands are a prominent feature of this section of the Rideau River.
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The stone arch spillway dam
The approach to Edmonds presents an impressive panoramic view of the lock entrance and the stone arch spillway dam.
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