Nicholsons Lockstation

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Nicholsons Lockstation
Nicholsons Lockstation includes two locks separated by an excavated channel, a unique configuration on the canal.
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(Upper and Lower)

69,4 km – 70,2 km

At Nicholsons, the lower lock and the upper lock are in an excavated channel that bypasses the river’s rapids and shallows. The lower lock is at the eastern entrance of the channel, and the upper lock is located near its middle. The Nicholsons spillway dam crosses the river at the western tip of the narrow island between the excavated channel and the river and creates a slackwater section to Clowes Lockstation.

Cultural Resources

Two locks – Two manually operated locks, with a combined lift of 4,4 m, 385 m apart along the excavated channel, 1830. CRM1.

Excavated channel – An 800-m excavated channel, 1830. CRM1.

Spillway dam – A masonry dam 76 m long and 2,5 m high, 1830. CRM1.

Weir – A stoplog weir with one bay, 1910. CRM2.

Defensible lockmaster’s house – A one-storey stone building, 1838, with a frame second storey added in 1900. CRM1.

Swing bridge – An authentic replacement of the original timber king post swing bridge.

Two manual operating winches
Two manual operating winches. The winch on the left is used to raise and lower the sluice gate in the lock chamber. The other winch is used to open and close the lock gate.
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The king post swing bridge
The king post swing bridge, which is balanced on a pintle and pushed by hand, carries a local road over the lock.
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Nicholsons Lockstation to Clowes Lockstation

The Nicholsons excavated
The Nicholsons excavated channel and the beginning of the slackwater section leading to Clowes Lockstation.
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69,8 km – 70,5 km

A short slackwater section was created by the spillway dam at Nicholsons. It is the only place on the canal where the design of the slackwater system and locks required a vessel to cross against the current to reach a lock on the opposite bank of the river.



The navigation channel
The navigation channel west of the upper lock at Nicholsons leads to a slackwater section and crosses the river below the Clowes dam.
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