Long Island Lockstation

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The dams at Long Island Lockstation
The dams at Long Island Lockstation significantly changed the natural course of the Rideau River. The stone arch dam (lower right) is wide enough to accommodate a public roadway to Nicholls Island..
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23,3 km – 23,7 km

At this point, the river forms two channels separated by Nicolls Island and Long Island. The Long Island Lockstation is located on the east bank of the Rideau River at the southern tip of Nicolls Island. The three locks in flight are attached to an impressive stone arch dam that spans the eastern river channel to Nicolls Island. The western river channel is controlled by a dam at Manotick, 3 km to the south. Water levels are further controlled by a weir from Nicholls Island to Long Island. Together, these dams created a 40,7-km slackwater section known as ‘The Long Reach’.

Cultural Resources

Three locks – Three manually operated locks in flight, with a combined lift of 7,7 m, 1830. CRM1.

Stone arch dam – The dam is 9,7 m high and 76,2m wide, 1830. CRM1.

Manotick Dam – A concrete water control dam,1920. CRM2.

Lockmaster’s house – A two-storey frame house now used for administrative purposes, 1915. CRM2.

Swing bridge – A pony-truss swing bridge, 1903. CRM2.

The sweeping curve of the stone arch dam
The sweeping curve of the stone arch dam reveals the workmanship of the canal’s builders.
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A manually operated swing bridge
A manually operated swing bridge, built in 1904, carries the road over the locks.
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Long Island Lockstation to Burritts Rapids Lockstation

Aerial view of ‘The Long Reach’
Aerial view of ‘The Long Reach’ created by the dams at Long Island as it passes through the town of Manotick.
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23,7 km – 64,4 km

Known as ‘The Long Reach’, this 40,7-km slackwater section is the longest uninterrupted navigable stretch of the canal. The width of the canal varies from narrow channel to a wide river. South of Kars, at ‘The Big Bend’, the Rideau changes its orientation from north-south to eastwest and is bordered by wetlands. Two conservation areas, Baxter and W.A. Taylor, and Rideau River Provincial Park, are along the shores of this section of the canal.

South of the village of Kars
South of the village of Kars, ‘The Long Reach” is of considerable width and has extensive .
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