A. Description of property

  1. Description of property
  2. History and development

A. Description of property

This section describes the six elements of the nominated property, from the northern entrance of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa to the Kingston harbour, with its impressive complex of fortifications. All of the land administered by the Parks Canada Agency that is associated with these elements is included in the nominated property, as well as Fort Fredrick National Historic Site of Canada, administered by the Department of National Defence. These six elements are listedin the Serial Nomination Table in Chapter 1.

The Rideau Canal element is subdivided into components composed of each lockstation and the intervening slackwater sections. For each Rideau Canal component, an overview of its geographic configuration, photographs and identification of the major cultural resources are provided, as is the case for the fortification elements. Measurements are included to make clear the scale of the engineering works. The Rideau Canal locks are a standard size, 37,8 m long and 9,1 m wide. Additional photographs will be found in Appendix G.

The Map Annex includes a map for the fortification elements and multiple maps for the Rideau Canal, corresponding to its components.

In the descriptions of the major cultural resources, their heritage classifications, identified through the Parks Canada Agency’s Cultural Resource Management Policy and the Federal Heritage

Buildings Policy , are noted. These classifications are defined in the table.

Cultural Resource Management
Policy Level 1

Directly associated with the reasons for the designation of the national historic sites, generally with the original construction and military era, 1826 – 1850.

Cultural Resource Management
Policy Level 2

Considered to be of historic or architectural significance, but not directly related to the reasons for designation, generally built from 1851 – 1920.

Federal Heritage Building Policy
Classified structure considered to be of historic or architectural value.






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