Funding for heritage places

Designations have a number of advantages, including access to funding programs to preserve, rehabilitate or restore the heritage value of a historic place.

National cost-sharing program for heritage places

The National Cost-Sharing Program for Heritage Places makes funding assistance available to owners and long-term lessees of federally-designated heritage places for their conservation and presentation. Eligible heritage places include those that have been formally recognized by the federal government such as national historic sites, heritage buildings, heritage railway stations, and heritage lighthouses.

Other funding sources

To learn more about the Government of Canada’s funding opportunities for culture, history and sport, please visit’s section on these funding sources.

Want to see more heritage designations?

Search through over 3,600 designations listed in the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations (DFHD)

The Directory of Federal Heritage Designations offers a complete list of federal designations stemming from various programs managed by Parks Canada. It includes information on designated persons, places, and events of national historic significance under the National Program of Historical Commemoration, as well as railway stations, lighthouses, and federal buildings that are of national historic value or interest.

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