Edmonton Grads National Historic Event

Black and white photo of a group of women and a basketball
Formal group portrait of the Edmonton Grads Basketball team with coach J. Percy Page, 1938
© Government of Alberta

The Edmonton Grads were designated as a national historic event in 1976.

Historical importance: Championship women's basketball team, 1915-40.

Commemorative plaque: 11000 Stadium Road, Edmonton, AlbertaFootnote 1

The Edmonton Grads

In a twenty-five year history, beginning in 1915, the women of the Commercial Graduates Basketball Club, coached by J. Percy Page, achieved world recognition. This amateur team, made up almost exclusively of graduates of McDougall Commercial High School in Edmonton, held the provincial crown for twenty-four years and the Canadian title from 1922 to1940. Undisputed North American champions, the Grads competed in exhibition play at four Olympic Games (women's basketball was not then recognized as an Olympic sport), defeating all European challengers. The team was disbanded in 1940.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
English plaque inscription

Black and white photo of a group of women, a winning cup and a basketball
Formal portrait of the Edmonton Commercial Grads Basketball Team, First winners of Underwood International Trophy, 1923. Left to right: Eleanor Mountifield (Captain), Connie Smith, Abbie Scott, Dorothy Johnson, Nellie Perry, Winnie Martin, Elizabeth Elrich, Mary Dunn.
© Government of Alberta
A commemorative bronze plaque on a stone stand
Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada commemorative bilingual bronze plaque for the Edmonton Grads National Historic Event, located in Edmonton, Alberta, date unknown.
© Parks Canada

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