The Creation of the National Flag National Historic Event

A document that explains the creation of the flag of Canada
The Proclamation of the Canadian Flag
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The Creation of the National Flag was designated a national historic event in 2014.

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The Creation of the National Flag

Near here, on Parliament Hill on February 15, 1965, our flag was first raised. Its creation had stirred passionate debates about Canadian identity. Many wanted to retain previous flags that honoured Canada’s ties to Britain; others sought a uniquely Canadian symbol. An all-party parliamentary committee reviewed thousands of options in choosing the simple and modern design that became our national flag. With red and white to pay tribute to British and French heritage, the distinctive maple leaf represents Canadians of all cultures and regions. Recognized worldwide, our flag symbolizes Canadian sovereignty and citizenship, here and abroad.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
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The National Program of Historical Commemoration relies on the participation of Canadians in the identification of places, events and persons of national historic significance. Any member of the public can nominate a topic for consideration by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

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