The Stanley Cup National Historic Event

The Stanley Cup was designated a national historic event in 2017.

Historical importance: One of the oldest and most prestigious trophies to be won by Professional athletes in North America.

Commemorative plaque: Not currently installedFootnote 1

Brimming with dreams of championship glory, the Stanley Cup is the oldest and most prestigious trophy in North American team sports. In 1892, Governor General Lord Stanley’s donation of a challenge cup for Canada’s best hockey club was announced near here. First awarded to amateur teams, the Stanley Cup has been the exclusive prize of the National Hockey League’s playoff champion since 1927. Many legends of the game have hoisted the Cup, their names engraved on its silver. This symbol of hockey excellence celebrates the NHL’s greatest teams, players, and rivalries, capturing the imagination of millions.


A tall silver trophy
An up close look at the Stanley Cup, 2022
© Parks Canada / Angela Voortman
A tall silver trophy
The Stanley Cup on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame, 2022
© Parks Canada / Angela Voortman
A variety of hockey sticks used throughout modern history
Hockey sticks throughout history  
© Canadian Museum of History / recreational artifacts / artifact # 2015.59.1

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