See Superior from a sea kayak

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

Some of the Great Lake’s best kayaking experiences await in the coves, bays, and inlets of Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. Enjoy your time on the water for a few hours, or paddle all day, then relax for the night in a welcoming B&B, hotel, or one of the many private or provincial park campgrounds.

Come and explore the pristine beauty of Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, paddling this Sweet Water Sea is the adventure of a lifetime! Paddlers of all skill levels should seek an experienced guide to lead the way through the beautiful bays, coves, islands, and wetlands of Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area using the safest and most spectacular routes. Whatever paddling experience you are looking for you can find it here; de-stress with a sheltered paddle around the islands of Rossport, or challenge yourself with multi-day expeditions along the coast. Feeling extra adventurous? Camp overnight on one of the islands or take an ambitious paddling trip to Battle Island, home to one of Lake Superior’s most spectacular lighthouses.

Please note that even the most experienced paddlers who prefer to go on their own should always consult local guides for the safest routes and current information. Always make a trip plan and leave it with someone you trust. Cold water temperatures can persist all through the summer and water conditions can change rapidly. Please keep in mind that Lake Superior is not just any lake and you should prepare for conditions similar to those in ocean environments.

Season: May – September. The warmer summer months are best for kayaking tours on Lake Superior.

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