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Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

Hike, fish, swim, camp, kayak, dogsled or simply wander along a quiet trail – there are almost as many ways to enjoy the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area as there are waves on its vast watery face. An annual stopping point for hundreds of species of migratory birds and home to a wide range of waterfowl and wildlife, Lake Superior is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination.


Guided Activities

Nature, science, art, history, stories... we've got you covered, and it's all about Lake Superior. Come out to our guided programs!


Train your binoculars during the height of spring migration and your life list will fill as quickly as you can write!


Explore the many coves, bays and inlets of the Lake Superior National Marine conservation area by sea-kayak.


There’s a fish waiting for you on Lake Superior!


Let a truly Great Lake take your breath away.

Red Chairs

Explore the trails today and find your red chair experience!


Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting.

School programs

Transform your classrooms learning activities.


View columnar basalts and archways, visit the site of the sunken Gunilda and discover the Slate Islands, Rossport Islands and Battle Island.

Visiting with young children? Explore with Club Parka!

The Club Parka booklet invites kids to explore, learn and have fun! Once activities are completed, they'll receive a reward! The booklets are available on site.

Learn more about Parka and download other activities!

Things to do

Back-country camping Backcountry camping
Hiking Hiking
Beaches Beach
Boat tour Boat tour
Sailboating Boating
Camping Camping
Canoeing Canoeing
Cross-country skiing Cross country skiing
Dogs on leash Dog walking
Lookout Lookout
Sea Kayaking Paddling
Photo Opportunity Photography
Sea birds Bird watching
Base diving Scuba diving
Snowshoeing Snowshoeing
Accommodation Stay overnight
Surfing Surfing
Swimming Swimming
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