Boat tours, charters and rentals

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Licensed tour operators in Fathom Five

A number of operators have valid Parks Canada business licenses to provide services in Fathom Five including: boat shuttles to Flowerpot Island, boat tours of Fathom Five National Marine Park, dive and snorkelling charters, guided paddling tours and paddlesport rentals (kayaks, canoes stand-up-paddleboards).  

The following is a list of all current operators with a valid business license or permit to operate in Fathom Five.

Note: The service descriptions below are provided by the operators. Please contact the operators directly with inquiries about pricing, availability and dates.  

Boat tours with Flowerpot Island access

Companies that provide boat tours of Fathom Five and access to Flowerpot Island

Blue Heron Company Ltd.
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 1-855-596-2999

Bruce Anchor Cruises
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 519-596-2555 | 1-800-591-4254

Boat tours

Varoius boat tour experiences within Fathom Five

Tobermory Wave Adventures
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 226-974-1880

Fathom Five Fishing and Private Tours
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 226-668-4878 

Kayak/canoe/SUP rentals/guided trips

Outfitters with kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboard rentals or guided trips

Thorncrest Outfitters
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 1-888-345-2925 or 519-596-8908 (May - September)

Tobermory Cruiselines
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 519-596-2626

Dive/snorkelling charters/outfitters

Dive and snorkelling charters and outfitters

Divers Den
Tobermory, ON
Phone: 519-596-2363

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