Fathom Five National Marine Park

Camping reservations for Flowerpot Island in Fathom Five National Marine Park can be made on-line at or by calling 1-877-RESERVE (877-737-3783)

There is one camping location in Fathom Five, on Flowerpot Island. You'll fall asleep to the sounds of Georgian Bay lapping at the shoreline! 

Information for Camping on Flowerpot Island

  • There are six tenting sites on Flowerpot Island, each with a wooden tent platform. Platforms require use of a free-standing tent. 
  • The sites are a short walk from Beachy Cove - the main dock on the island.
  • Access to the island is by private tour boat from Tobermory, your own boat or kayak (experienced paddlers only).
    Pleasure boaters please note: There is no dockage for private vessels on Flowerpot Island at present. Paddlers can pull up their canoes or kayaks on shore. We do not recommend that boats anchor in Beachy Cove due to commercial boat traffic and safety considerations (anchor slipping).
  • Before going to the island, you must obtain your camping and day use permits from the Park's Visitor Centre in Tobermory.
  • There is one composting toilet facility near the campsites.
  • Carry your own water, or purify bay water.
  • Bad weather can leave you stuck on the island for an extra day or two.
  • The island is isolated, so be prepared with everything you need.

For more information about camping on Flowerpot Island, please contact the park.

Top Rules & Regulations for Camping on Flowerpot Island

  • Most people visit the park for a quiet getaway. Excessive noise is prohibited at all times.
  • To protect the park ecosystem, removal, damage or disturbance of any natural or cultural items is prohibited.
  • Campfires are not allowed on the island.
  • Keep pets on a short leash (3m or less) and clean up after them.
  • The Ontario liquor laws apply in the parks. Liquor may only be consumed at your campsite.
  • Long weekends: A full ban on the possession of alcohol and cannabis are in effect. The weekends when alcohol and cannabis are not permitted in the park at any time are:
    • Victoria Day Long Weekend
    • Canada Day Long Weekend
    • Civic Holiday Long Weekend
    • Labour Day Long Weekend
    • Thanksgiving Long Weekend
  • A maximum of four people are permitted on each campsite.
  • Fireworks of any kind are prohibited in the park.
  • Campsite check-out time is at 11 am.
  • If planning to dive in Fathom Five, you must first register and purchase a Dive Tag at the park Visitor Centre.

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