Guidelines for the management of archaeological resources

TITLE - Parks Canada Guidelines for the Management of Archaeological Resources

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Parks Canada, Guidelines for the Management of Archaeological Resources
CCG cat. no.        R64-276/2005
ISBN                      0-662-67392-1

© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 2005


1. Objective

2.  Archaeology in National Historic Sites of Canada

3.   Archaeology in National Parks of Canada, National Park Reserves of Canada, National Marine Conservation Areas of Canada and National Marine Conservation Area Reserves of Canada

4.  Responsibility for Archaeological Resources in Areas under Parks Canada Administration

Field Unit Superintendents

Service Centre Directors

Archaeological Services Branch Director

Roles and Accountability Regarding Archaeology

5.  Legal Obligations, Policy Directives, and Administrative Duties for the Practice of Archaeology on Federal Lands, Federal Lands Underwater and on Lands Administered by Parks Canada

Accidental Discovery

Archaeological Research Permitting

Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

Environmental Assessment

Canada Shipping Act

Human Remains

Settled Land Claims

6.  Principles of Archaeological Resource Management


Professional Judgement


7.  Practice of Archaeological Resource  Management



Consideration of Historic Value in Actions

Monitoring and Review of Archaeological Resources

APPENDIX 1 - Definitions

APPENDIX 2 - References

APPENDIX 3 - A Selection of Value Indicators for Level II Archaeological Resources

APPENDIX 4 - Parks Canada Offices and Contacts

APPENDIX 5 - Provincial, Territorial and Federal, Contacts and Authorities

APPENDIX 6- Other Archaeological Principles and Organizations

List of abbreviations and acronyms

CEAA                    Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

CIS                         Commemorative Integrity Statement

CRM                      Cultural Resource Management

CSA                       Canada Shipping Act

FUS                        Field Unit Superintendent

NHSC                   National Historic Site of Canada

NPC                       National Park of Canada


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