Privacy statement: video surveillance systems

Some Parks Canada sites, buildings and facilities are equipped with Video Surveillance Systems (cameras) for security purposes.

As per Standard Personal Information Bank PSU 907, these systems are used to enhance the security of individuals and Parks Canada assets by capturing various images on the perimeters of, or within these locations. Video surveillance is sometimes conducted in real time or recordings and can be used to investigate past occurrences, security incidents or emergency situations.

The images captured by the systems, are collected under the authority of the Parks Canada Agency Act, the Canada National Parks Act or other Acts, as required under the Policy on Government Security.

The information may be used or disclosed to assist security officials in the monitoring of activities. Additionally, records and recordings may record entry and exit times from facilities and may be used in the event of security-related incidents such as thefts or emergency situations. In such cases, this information may be shared with appropriate law enforcement agencies and emergency workers. Video information that reveals evidence of illegal activity, employee misconduct or accidents may be disclosed to appropriate staff relations, facility owners, enforcement or investigative bodies for further investigations, charges or disciplinary actions.

Images of people are considered personal information and are administered in accordance with the Privacy Act and other applicable laws.

You have the right to the protection of, access to, and correction of your personal information, described in the Standard Personal Information Bank PSU 907.

Instructions for obtaining this information are outlined in the government publication entitled Information about programs and information holdings and on the Parks Canada Agency Info Source information page.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your privacy concern or if you want to file a complaint about the handling of your images being captured on camera, you may wish to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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