Kluane National Park and Reserve

Campfire ban: Ä’äy Chù (Slims) Valley, Bullion Plateau and Congdon Creek

Issued: February 14, 2022

Pursuant to subsection 3(1)(c) of the National Parks of Canada Fire Protection Regulations, it is hereby prohibited to start or maintain fires in the following areas of Kluane National Park & Reserve (as shown on the map below):

  • Ä’äy Chù (Slims) Valley,
  • Bullion Plateau, and
  • Congdon Creek area.

Parks Canada has removed all fire rings and will no longer issue fire permits in these areas; however, gas stoves are still permitted for cooking. Fires for day-use (not associated with overnight use) are likewise prohibited in this area. This step is necessary to address the issue of partially burned food and garbage found left in fire rings in this area, and the risk of conditioning bears through food rewards.

Approved by:
John Haselmayer
Field Unit Superintendent, Yukon

Provisions of Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, court decisions, and other aboriginal rights, as reached through an agreement with Canada, may take precedence over any restrictions/prohibitions made under these Regulations.

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