Kluane National Park and Reserve

Mandatory registration and permits

Issued: February 14, 2022

Mandatory registration/deregistration

Pursuant to section 6(1) of the National Parks General Regulations the following have been designated as hazardous activities within Kluane National Park and Reserve:

  • Overnight travel and camping (with the exception of the Kathleen Lake Campground**), from April 1 – November 15; and
  • Access to and travel within the Kluane Icefields area (including mountaineering activities), year-round.

Visitors to Kluane National Park & Reserve are required to register prior to leaving, and deregister upon completion of these activities*.

Permit requirement

Pursuant to section 7.1(2) of the National Parks General Regulations the following are deemed designated activities within Kluane National Park & Reserve.

A permit is required prior to engaging in any of these activities*:

  • All camping** and overnight travel from April 1 – November 15;
  • Open fires from April 1 – November 15 (except for day-use purposes, when contained in the metal fire rings located throughout the Park & Reserve);
  • Travel within the Kluane Icefields area (including mountaineering);
  • Aircraft landings and take offs (including use of UAVs and drones);
  • Bringing in or keeping horses, donkeys or mules (except on the Dezadeash River Trail);
  • Research activities;
  • Filming or photography for commercial purposes; and
  • All custodial group activities*** (except those that stay within the Kathleen Lake Campground and Day Use Area, and the Thechàl Dhâl Visitor Centre).

* Visitors can obtain permits, register, and deregister by calling 867-634-7207 or by sending an email to pc.kluaneinfo.pc@canada.ca.
** Camping at the Kathleen Lake Campground is by self-registration, and permits are available on-site (separate registration and de-registration is not required).
*** A "custodial group" is a group affiliated with an institution, where at least one person is younger than 19 and that minor is not in the company of his/her parent or legal guardian. Institutional groups include, but are not limited to school groups, Scout/Guide groups, church groups, cadet groups, and community youth groups.

John Haselmayer
Field Unit Superintendent, Yukon

Provisions of Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, court decisions, and other aboriginal rights, as reached through an agreement with Canada, may take precedence over any restrictions/prohibitions made under these Regulations.

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