Prince Albert National Park

Plains Bison populations

Prince Albert National Park is home to one of the only free-roaming herds of Plains Bison on its historic range in Canada.

Grasslands area burned

Fire reduces forest encroachment into grassy meadows, promotes new growth and increases the grassland diversity

Aerial extent of grasslands

Learn more about the rare plains rough fescue grasslands in Prince Albert National Park and how it is monitored

Rangeland health

Rangeland health monitors ecosystem components such as plant composition, animal use, soils, disturbance, invasive plants, and human influences

Plant growth: Primary productivity

Satellite images taken in mid-July are analyzed by specialized computer programs that calculates the annual volume of plant growth

A large part of Prince Albert National Park’s ecosystem is forest, however in the South West corner of the park there is a significant area of rare plains rough fescue grasslands. This grassland ecosystem supports a wide variety of unique flora and fauna, including one of the only free-roaming population of plains bison in Canada. To determine the ecological health and integrity of our grasslands, five important ecological indicators are monitored:

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