2023 Prescribed fires

Prince Albert National Park

Decades of fire suppression is impacting ecosystems that have long relied on fire, like grasslands. Without frequent fire, these ecosystems lose plants and animals, which affects their overall health. Annual wildfire monitoring and prescribed fires in the park determine when and where a prescribed fire can improve or maintain the health of the park.

Fire specialists monitor weather and environmental conditions in spring to determine if there is a window that meets the criteria to light a prescribed fire.

Waskesiu Community Fuel Break

Date: Completed
Size: 40 ha
Location: South of the Waskesiu townsite
Additional details: The Waskesiu Community Fuel Break (CFB) prescribed fire is a preventative measure to reduce the risk from potential wildfires to the Waskesiu townsite. There have been prescribed fires every spring along the southern boundary of the CFB since 2006, except when prescription was not met. This prescribed fire is one part of a maintenance strategy that keeps the CFB effective in protecting Waskesiu from wildfire.


Amyot Trail

Date: Completed
Size: 1300 ha
Location: Southeast of Long Meadow.
Additional details: The Amyot Trail prescribed fire plays a key role in multi-year restoration projects to rejuvenate forested areas, expand and restore grasslands and increase bison habitat. Prescribed fire returns the natural process of fire to the landscape and reduces encroaching aspen forests while rejuvenating meadows and native grasslands like fescue. The increase in biodiversity creates habitat for insects, native plants and animals including the Sturgeon River plains bison herd, which feed in these natural meadows.


For more information, please contact feu-princealbert-fire@pc.gc.ca or call 306-663-4522.

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