Borrow Pit restoration

Prince Albert National Park

Contained within Prince Albert National Park is a variety of geological structures. Included among them are large gravel deposits left behind when glaciers retreated through this areas thousands of years ago. Over time, material has been removed from some of these gravel deposits and was used to build roads and highways in the area. The result of “borrowing” this material was large areas of steep, unfavourable slopes with large patches of bare gravel that is unable to support vegetation.

Restoration work is currently underway at 2 borrow pit sites within the park. Rehabilitation work conducted at 12 Mile Meadow, located on the parks west boundary and the South End Meadow located in the south east corner of the park includes;

  • Using heavy equipment to reduce unnatural slopes and re-contour the landscape
  • Replacement of healthy topsoil native to the region
  • Seeding native vegetation suited to the conditions present at each site
  • Monitoring the site for rehabilitation success and invasive plants
  • Control of invasive plants until native communities are established

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