Waste management

Prince Albert National Park

Parks Canada is committed to a high standard of service and provides equitable and uniform waste collection services to visitors, residents and commercial operators in a convenient and sustainable manner.

Effective waste management and compliance keeps excessive waste out of landfills, benefits the environment, eliminates wildlife attractants, reduces costs and contributes to a clean, healthy community.

Waste and recycling: for visitors and residents

All users of Prince Albert National Park must dispose of waste in accordance with National Parks Garbage Regulations. Please see the regulations for details on proper securing, transporting and disposal of waste.

Keeping the park clean and safe is a shared responsibility. Visitors and residents are expected to keep their garbage secure at all times while enjoying the park and Waskesiu townsite. All waste and recyclables must be deposited in designated bins.

Three types of waste containers are available around the park and Waskesiu townsite for disposal. These include two sizes: dumpsters (larger containers) and baggers (smaller containers designed for individual use). Of these, there are three types:

  • Brown dumpsters and bins – For garbage. All garbage deposited in brown dumpsters must be bagged

  • Brown dumpster for garbage

  • Green dumpsters and bins – For clean, flattened cardboard products

  • Green dumpster for cardboard products

  • Blue dumpsters and bins – For refundable drink containers

  • brown bin and blue bin are small containers designed for individual use

Additional waste disposal options: For residents

Yard waste

Parks Canada will pick up yard waste contained in paper compostable bags at the curbside of yards in the cabin and cottage areas on scheduled pick-up days. Residents must place all yard waste in paper compostable bags designed for yard waste collection. During the month of May only, residents with large yards are permitted to pile unbagged leaves at the edge of their yard and are asked to arrange for pick-up by contacting panpassets@pc.gc.ca.

The 2021 Yard Waste Directive provides lease holders in the community with clear direction on how to properly dispose of the natural waste material on their property. Please contact the Townsite Office to request a copy of the directive.

Staging Area

Commercial leaseholders, or private contractors performing yard maintenance on behalf of residents, must dispose of all yard waste at the Parks Canada Staging Area. Disposal is self-directed and assistance is not provided. Contact Prince Albert National Park Asset Management at panpassets@pc.gc.ca or 306-663-4548 to make an appointment to access the Staging Area for disposal.

Small construction waste

The roll-off bin near the Parks Canada Operations Centre.

The “roll off bin” provides residents with a seasonal receptacle for small-scale construction waste. The bin is not commercial operators. Absolutely no dumping of material on the ground, all materials must be placed within the bin. The bin is located at the Operations Centre grounds.

Hours of Operation

  • Open daily 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from May long weekend to September long weekend.
  • Open weekdays 8:00 am to 3:00 pm after September long weekend until Thanksgiving.
  • Please call 306-663-4548 or email panpassets@pc.gc.ca to book an appointment for weekend drop off in the fall.

What is accepted?

Small project construction waste including:

  • Windows and frames
  • Deck boards
  • Dry wall
  • Carpet
  • Treated and non-treated scrap wood
  • Plumbing fixtures

Map of the roll-off bin and staging area locations


The recycling depot is located within the Waskesiu townsite, beside the Canada Post community mailboxes. There are several dropboxes for recyclable goods such as clean plastics, clean paper products, clean cardboard, aluminum foil and cans.


Residential and commercial composting is a simple way for communities to divert waste from landfills. Parks Canada is exploring options to provide a more efficient compost collection system for the community. The compost bin at the Recycling Depot was dismantled and there are no facilities available to collect household compost at this time.

Remove from Park: Leaseholders are responsible for removal

Automotive, batteries and fuel

  • Batteries of any size, propane tanks, engine oil, tires.

Non-combustible natural materials

Sand, gravel, brick, concrete, sod or grass products in large quantities, stone, soil, etc.

Contractor and Large Volume Construction waste

  • Wire, drywall, asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, nails, metal products, paint etc.

Large furnishings

  • Dishwashers, stoves, fridges, washers/dryers, freezers, couches, chairs, mattresses, dressers, etc.

Commercial furnishings

  • Mattresses, dressers, couches, freezers, washers/dryers, dishwashers, tables, chairs etc.

Other Hazardous Materials

  • Chemicals, fuels, lubricants, anti-freeze, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, paint industrial cleaners, etc.

Report Illegal Dumping

All residents and businesses in the Waskesiu townsite are responsible for properly disposing of their waste. Deliberately abandoned waste and improper use of disposal facilities is a violation of the Canada National Parks Act and subject to prosecution.

Help us keep the national park community clean and safe. Observe and report incidents of abandoned garbage or illegal dumping.

How to report illegal dumping:

  • Witnessing an activity in progress: Contact Parks Canada dispatch at 1-877-852-3100.
  • Discovering abandoned garbage or illegally dumped materials: Contact theTownsite Office at 306-663-4520.

For all other inquiries related to waste management, call the park office at 306-663-4522.

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