Bagwa Canoe Route Backcountry Campgrounds

Prince Albert National Park

One of the most accessible and user friendly places to experience the park by canoe or kayak is the Bagwa Canoe Route. This timeless canoe route begins on the Kingsmere River, northwest of Waskesiu. The entire route, starting from the parking lot, takes approximately 7 to 10 hours to paddle, but is much more enjoyable when stretched into an overnight trip.

There are four backcountry camping campgrounds located along the Bagwa Canoe Route. Two of these, the Bagwa and Lily Lake Campgrounds are only accessible by canoe or kayak and offer visitors a true backcountry experience.

All of the Bagwa Canoe Route Campsites offer:

  • Raised sand or gravel tent sites
  • Pit toilets
  • Picnic table & fire-pit at each site
  • Bear cache
  • Firewood

Be aware that Kingsmere Lake is large and presents wide fetches of open water. In extremely windy weather, it may be necessary to wait for calmer conditions before attempting to cross the lake.

Southend Campground

The Southend Campground is located at the end of the Kingsmere River Trail (1.5km from trailhead) on the southern shore of Kingsmere Lake. Located only a short distance away from the Kingsmere River the Southend Campground often becomes the first stop on many trips across Kingsmere Lake or to the Bagwa Canoe Route. In addition to the designated campsites Southend Campground features a shared kitchen shelter for use by campers, day hikers and boaters.

Located 1.5km from the Kingsmere River trailhead, Southend Campground offers:

  • 4 single and 3 double campsites
  • Kitchen shelter 

Pease Point Campground

The Pease Point Campground lies upon the western shore of Kingsmere Lake near the mouth of the Bagwa Channel. This campground makes an excellent base camp for anglers on Kingsmere Lake and marks the entrance to Bagwa Lake Channel. Although motor boats can access the Pease Point Campground motorised vessels are not permitted beyond the white marker in the Bagwa Channel south of the campground.

Located on the western shore of Kingsmere Lake, Pease Point Campground offers:

  • 4 single and 1 double campsites

Bagwa Lake Campground

On the southern shore of Bagwa Lake resting on a small peninsula this campground offers campers breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. Bagwa Lake is home to a large numbers of red-necked grebes and other water fowl making it an excellent place for bird watching. Don’t forget to bring a fishing rod, Bagwa Lake offers visitors excellent northern pike and walleye fishing!

Located on the southern shore of Bagwa Lake near the Lily Lake channel, Bagwa Lake Campground offers:

  • 2 single campsites

Lily Lake Campground

A top a small plateau on the eastern shore of Lily Lake this campground offers visitors an amazing lakescape view. Being accessible only by paddling craft, staying at Lily Lake makes each backcountry adventure seem like a journey back in time. Only a few hundred meters to the south is the portage access to Clair Lake, adding to a voyageur-like experience.

Located on the northeast shore of Lily Lake, Lily Lake Campground offers:

  • 2 single campsites


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