Drones or unmanned air vehicles (UAV)

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Recreational use of drones at all Parks Canada places is prohibited.

Drone flying is a popular hobby and useful in many fields of work. However, they also pose risks and can disturb wildlife and visitors. For these reasons, Parks Canada strictly limits the use of drones.

Flying a drone without park or site approval may result in law enforcement action and a fine.

In Canada, a UAV is considered aircraft. Their use is governed by Transport Canada and regulated under the National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations which prohibit a person to take-off or land an aircraft in a national park.

Non-recreational use

Field Unit Superintendents may authorize limited use of drones for:

  • natural and cultural resource management
  • public safety
  • law enforcement
  • park/site management purposes (including filming and photography for outreach, education and promotional purposes)

Anyone wishing to use a UAV in Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve must submit a written proposal to olivia.jomphe@pc.gc.ca clearly indicating how the intended use of the UAV supports the management of the park. A questionnaire will be sent to the requester to assess the request. If approved, a Restricted Activity Permit will be issued.

A Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) may also be required from Transport Canada for the UAV depending on its weight.

Commercial video and photography

You must identify the desire to fly a drone in your Film and Photography Permit application. Please contact the park or site directly.

Scientific research

You must identify the desire to fly a drone in your Research and Collection Permit application.

If you witness the use of a UAV in Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, please report the incident at 1 888 762-1422.

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