Activities and experiences

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

The Mingan Archipelago offers an exceptional opportunity to reconnect with nature. The islands offer activities such as: camping, hiking, observation of monoliths, wildlife and plants. Experience an authentic outdoor adventure, filled with nordicity.


Sea excursion

Sea excursions

The park reserve is only accessible by boat. Make sure to reserve your transportation with a boat operator recognized by Parks Canada.

Standup paddleboarding around Mingan Archipelago

Nautical activities

Surrounding waters are a great place to practice nautical activities such as standup paddleboard and sea kayak.

Hiking in the forest at the Mingan Archipelago


There are more than 80 km of hiking trails to discover, distributed on over 9 different islands.

Camping at the Mingan Archipelago

Camping and overnight accommodations

Spend the night in one of our oTENTik tents, Ôasis accommodations, camping or 4-star accommodation.

Things to do

Sailboating Boating
Camping Camping
Hiking Hiking
Kayaking Kayaking
Base diving Scuba diving
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