Rouge National Urban Park

Road safety

Some of the trails in the park cross busy roads, such as Twyn Rivers Drive. We recommend extreme caution along such roads, as visibility is not ideal and some people drive above the speed limit. If walking along such roads, remember to stay in single file and walk facing traffic to keep an eye on oncoming vehicles.

Steep bluffs, unstable edges

To avoid hazards, we recommend keeping a safe distance back from slopes, bluffs and river edges, especially after rainfall. These areas can become soft and unstable when wet or can be “undercut,” meaning there’s little land supporting the ground below, meaning the terrain could give way or collapse.

Don't get lost

Rouge National Urban Park is a large park with different kinds of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes. Here are a few tips to avoid getting lost:

  • Stay on marked trails and observe trail closure signs. Currently, most trails in the park are marked with white blazes (white marks) on trees. Pay close attention to these blazes and pay attention to directional signage.
  • Avoid taking unofficial trails, wandering off-trail or taking shortcuts. This will also help to prevent trail erosion and damage.
  • Hike with a friend for increased safety.
  • Keep your children or hiking buddy within sight at all times.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going and check in with them after you’ve completed your hike.
  • Call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

On-site safety precautions at former Lapp Bros. Cider Mill

The former Lapp Bros. Cider Mill, located in Rouge National Urban Park along Reesor Road in the Markham area of the park, is in extremely poor structural condition and is a public health and safety risk. In May 2020, Parks Canada installed fencing around the perimeter of the building to protect and deter people from the area. The building is unsafe and we’re asking all members of the public to keep away and keep a safe distance. No one under any circumstances should enter the building.

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