Protecting species

Rouge National Urban Park

Barn swallow habitat

Similar to skyscraper condos that dot the Greater Toronto Area landscape, Parks Canada has built a number of towering birdhouses in the Rouge unlike any...


Many of the birdhouses found along the Rouge’s hiking trails were originally built to create homes for eastern bluebirds. Today, many other bird species...


Parks Canada is working with local partners to make it easier for animals to cross busy park roads and reduce wildlife mortality.

LDD moth

The Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD) moth is an invasive moth species now widespread in Ontario and large portions of eastern Canada and the United States.

Park wardens

National park wardens have an established presence at Rouge National Urban Park and are committed to responding effectively to incidents in the park.

Protecting snakes in the Rouge

In the fall of 2019, several weeks before snakes in the park start travelling to their overwintering sites, Rouge ecologists collected 24 northern...

Wildlife Triage Program

In the spring of 2021, the Wildlife Emergency Response Team (WERT) was launched. The program functions as a temporary wildlife emergency triage and...

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