Tip Tower updates

Point Pelee National Park

Parks Canada is pleased to be able to highlight the following summary and provide these updates about the Tip Tower project:

  • Engineering assessments to establish safety deficiencies and validate structural integrity are complete, December 2023.
  • Design work which remedies the identified deficiencies in the guard rail system. Completed in Winter 2023-24.
  • A competitive tendering process to assist with the repairs was launched through the government online system, CanadaBuys. Completed in February 2024.
  • A contract for the repair work to the guard railing system was awarded to Heritage Restoration Inc., May 3, 2024.
  • Shop drawings are complete and reviewed, June 2024.
  • Project materials have been ordered, June 2024.
  • Fabrication work at an off-site facility has started, June 2024.

The next steps in the project are as follows:

  • Galvanization of the guardrail panels and posts. This will be done at a separate off-site location to rust-proof the units after fabrication is complete.
  • The guardrail components will be brought on-site for installation.
  • Installation work will be completed in batches.

Parks Canada will share information on the various milestones involved in this project as they are completed. You can find those updates on this page. Please check back periodically.

Why don’t you have exact dates?

There are many steps involved in this process. The timeline is subject to the availability of materials, material delivery times, quality control testing, project milestone assessments, and weather conditions (for on-site installations and inspections). All of these elements can affect the timeline.

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