Meet Kaylie Briggs-Crawford

Point Pelee National Park

Kaylie Briggs-Crawford holding turtle

Job Title

Ecosystem Geomatics Technician 

What was your education/career path?

I attended Sir Sandford Fleming College/Trent University for Ecological Restoration. I then went on to complete my bachelor of science in environmental studies with a double major in resource conservation and environmental policy and politics. I am also certified in wildlife rehabilitation. 

Throughout high school and university, I traveled to many different countries to volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation, and contributed to several different scientific studies involving wildlife. 
I have worked a few different positions within the resource conservation department at Point Pelee National Park including; resource conservation student; resource management technician; Marsh conservation and restoration-resource management technician; Marsh conservation and restoration-resource management officer; and my current position is ecosystem geomatics technician. 

What drew you to Point Pelee? When did you first start working at Point Pelee National Park?

I first started working at Point Pelee as a summer student for the general works department in the spring of 2016. I knew I wanted to work in environmental conservation/restoration etc. but I had no idea that Point Pelee even had a Resource Conservation department when I first started. I then became a resource conservation student in the summer of 2016.

What do you do for Parks Canada?

Kaylie Briggs-Crawford

Currently, I collect geospatial data in order to capture, analyze, process, present, disseminate, and manage this data to support the PCA Southwestern Ontario field unit. For example, the creation of maps in order to clearly outline and identify critical habitats for Species at Risk (SAR). 

What would you tell a young girl about working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)?

These fields are highly competitive, but if you are passionate about a career in STEM I promise you it will all be worth it, as working in resource conservation has been extremely rewarding to me. Always take every opportunity you have to continue to learn, grow, volunteer and gain more experience.

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